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Pros & Cons of Online College Education

Posted by CLIMB Center on November 04, 2021

The past few years have shown us that more education is possible online than anyone ever thought possible. With rapidly expanding tools, professors who are growing in online teaching proficiency, and substantial savings in costs, online education has become an advantageous and valuable option.  

Portland Community College has also seen value in the idea of a local online experience, offering a variety of hybrid courses that are primarily online but with practical or hands-on components here in Portland, Oregon. Whether you're considering online college vs. traditional college or trying to choose between online colleges themselves, you'll be impressed with the options available now. You should also weigh the online college pros and cons to make an informed choice and be ready for the benefits and drawbacks of this kind of program.  

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Shaping Your Career Around Your Life

Posted by CLIMB Center on October 29, 2021

The past few years' turmoil has caused many recurring mentality shifts, but a surprisingly positive one is how people have spent time in their homes and with their immediate families or roommates. Here in Portland, family members who would have been out at work or in socializing settings poured their time into their family life and, in many cases, discovered that there were changes needed in their more hectic day-to-day. 

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Tips for Getting Your First Internship

Posted by CLIMB Center on October 26, 2021

In many careers, your first step after college is going to be an internship. Internships provide you with valuable experience, give you crucial insight into the working world, and help you land your first job. If you are truly fortunate, you may even be able to leverage your internship into a full-time position with that company. 

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Reasons Why Learning is a Fantastic Hobby

Posted by CLIMB Center on October 19, 2021

Developing hobbies at any age requires attention and skill, and learning is no exception. Many individuals discover that taking a course here and there can bring back some delights from their favorite classes in school or college.  

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Ways to Relax and Unwind (And Why It Makes Your Work More Successful)

Posted by CLIMB Center on October 12, 2021
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How to Make a Career Change Later in Life

Posted by CLIMB Center on October 01, 2021
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Meet our instructors: Megan Deras Gardner MS, CNS®, CCN, DCES, CKNS℠, CPT, FNS

Posted by CLIMB Center on June 10, 2021

A graduate of the National University of Natural Medicine with a Master of Science in clinical nutrition, Megan went on to earn the gold standard in nationally recognized certifications. She is credentialed with the Board of Certified Nutrition Specialists (BCNS®), currently one of only a few practicing in Oregon. 

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Alternate Methods Toward Career Paths with Non-Credit Programming

Posted by CLIMB Center on March 05, 2021

The push for Bachelor's degrees has increased the popularity of four-year programs and provided many people with career opportunities. However, four-year degrees require a full-time commitment and cost tens of thousands of dollars, posing a huge barrier to many students.

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Portland Financial Recovery Resources

Posted by CLIMB Center on June 01, 2020

If you've recently been furloughed or are out of work and wondering how recent events will affect your livelihood,  you might be looking to carve the path to a brighter future. We've been thinking about that too. Our diverse non-credit programming offer a variety of topics to allow you to explore potential career paths, side hustles or moonlighting projects - without having to revive a full-scale academic pursuit. In this blog, we're sharing a sample of some classes that may jumpstart ideas for those seeking to improve their current financial situation.

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How to Choose a Side Hustle to Get Your Financial Life Back on Track

Posted by CLIMB Center on May 20, 2020

Cutting costs and boosting your income may be one way to get your financial life back on track if you've lost income during this challenging economic time. For many, additional income may come in the form of a side hustle, an activity you enjoy that can help you get back on your feet--outside of traditional 9-5 employment.

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