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Reasons Why Learning is a Fantastic Hobby

Posted by CLIMB Center on October 19, 2021

Why Learning is a Fantastic Hobby

Developing hobbies at any age requires attention and skill, and learning is no exception. Many individuals discover that taking a course here and there can bring back some delights from their favorite classes in school or college.  

What's more, is that these courses can build a thorough understanding of a field that you never knew anything about before. Many studies together have revealed that making friends, staying healthy, and making more money are all associated with learning as a hobby. 

Wondering what the benefits of continuous learning are, with or without credentials at the end of the road? We've compiled some of the impressive benefits of becoming a lifelong learner. 

Becoming a Life-Long Learner is Valuable to Your Health 

When we mention health, we mean all aspects, whether social-emotional, physical, and financial. You'd be impressed with how much more engaged and excited you'll be about the rest of your activities when you're busy learning in your free time. Boost physical health by being more active, happier, and involved in a particular process.  

Lifelong Learners Find New Friends Who Share Interests 

The kind of person who keeps learning and joins a class or other educational community is the kind of person you want to get to know! Even if you're at an age or life stage where making new friends is rare, taking a class together can be a great way to build great conversations, develop shared interests, and see each other overcome challenges. It's fertile soil for new, deep friendships. 

Lifelong Learners Boosts Mood Through Accomplishment 

A wonderful emotional boost comes from finally mastering a difficult concept or getting a good grade on your final practical exam in a class. Especially when you're outside the achievement-focused worlds of K-12 education, learning for learning's sake becomes a pleasure, and mastery becomes the reward itself. Projects also provide a source of engagement and fun while creating a sense of accomplishment when the project is finished and can be shared with classmates, family members, or friends.  

Lifelong Learners Find New Niches at Work or New Industries In Which to Thrive 

Even if you're learning for the fun of it, the communication skills involved in classroom experiences and the techniques in your courses may make you a better worker in your career. Perhaps your new learning allows you to take on a different responsibility within your same field, or you might realize you're ready to leap into another career. New industries are far less daunting if you've had time to get to know them through classes and skill-based training. 

More than ever before, employers expect their team members to continue bringing new assets to the team over time, and your classwork in your free time could easily be the reason that someone at work sees your management or advancement potential. The same mood boosts, social experiences, and confidence boosts you gain from learning anything as a hobby can gain you notice at work as a positive, proactive achiever.  

How To Get Started Learning as a Hobby 

Maybe you've never been much of a "classroom learner" before, but there's no reason to believe that K-12 education experiences are equivalent to learning for your pleasure. You'd be surprised how engaged even a previously reluctant learner is when the learning is self-motivated, engaging, and no longer a requirement imposed from outside.  

Dive Deeper with Affordable, Flexible Coursework Through Portland Community College 

PCC Community Ed has plenty of practical non-credit coursework that can lead to real advances in your career or the ability to switch career fields entirely. We also offer flexible, affordable classes focused on really enjoying life to the fullest while learning. You can master a language, learn new cooking techniques, read great books, or develop a wide variety of other skills. If you can think it up, there's something for you at PCC.  

Remember that learning correlates to significant boosts in mood, a proven source of socialization, and all the benefits of knowing something new. Dive into learning as a hobby by visiting our website and getting started today, experiencing the benefits of continuous learning throughout life.  Subscribe to PCC CLIMB Blog

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