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Mastering Mediation: The Essential Skills You Gain

Posted by CLIMB Professional Development and Training on October 13, 2023

Conflict is an inherent part of human interaction, and nearly every workplace encounters its fair share. While some workplaces are no strangers to daily crisis management, even the most harmonious environments can benefit from the skills and insights gained through mediation training. At PCC's Professional Development and Training, we offer courses that equip you with the tools to navigate conflicts effectively, fostering a more peaceful and productive work environment.

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What Skills Does Mediation Training Provide?

Posted by CLIMB Professional Development and Training on November 29, 2022

Nearly every workplace experiences conflict, but some places interact so closely with individuals and groups in crisis that mediation is a skill used daily. Even if your workplace is generally pleasant, your best bet for maintaining calm at work is to feel fully equipped to handle conflict that occurs.

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Become a Better Manager with Mediation Training

Posted by CLIMB Professional Development and Training on September 19, 2022

When managing a collaborative team, you'll occasionally mediate between team members experiencing conflict. Even collaborative team members can sometimes butt heads and disagree in ways that stall communication and your work. It's the manager's job to fairly evaluate what has gone wrong, assist in group reconciliation, and find a path forward that accommodates everyone.

Explore the Mediation program at PCC.

That is harder than it sounds, and it still sounds pretty difficult! Many managers opt to train in specific strategies for mediation rather than assuming they'll just muddle through it. As a result, their teams can grow confident that their managers can handle and resolve conflict actively, rather than leaving everyone to fend for themselves. Actively resolving conflict helps teams work together better by not leaving tensions unspoken, where they could fester and damage working relationships or become a bigger issue later. These are just some of the benefits of mediation training for managers, with bigger boosts in confidence and effectiveness that can come down the road.

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A Diverse Career in Mediation Demonstrates the Value of Skillful Communication During Conflict Resolution

Posted by CLIMB Professional Development and Training on November 19, 2018

Mediation Instructor Tsipora Dimant is a former program manager with PCC’s Community Education program – but her connection to Portland Community College runs even deeper. She arrived in the United States from Israel in 1974 and earned a GED, then an Associate’s Degree from PCC. Tsipora began studying mediation in 1992 and became an instructor for the subject in 2005. Inspired by the conflict in her native Israel, Tsipora strives to find resolutions to complex communication challenges. Her experience in mediation training spans decades and encapsulates diverse fields including small claims court, business, nonprofits and higher education.

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