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Alternate Methods Toward Career Paths with Non-Credit Programming

Posted by CLIMB Center on March 05, 2021

iStock-1035507788 (1)The push for Bachelor's degrees has increased the popularity of four-year programs and provided many people with career opportunities. However, four-year degrees require a full-time commitment and cost tens of thousands of dollars, posing a huge barrier to many students.

Some alternate career development options only take one to two years (or less!) and offer flexible schedules for a more affordable price. Portland Community College's non-credit programming offers a variety of programs attuned to the local job market’s demands. 

More workers than ever are changing careers or expanding their skills within industries like healthcare, education, and skilled trades. PCC offers remote professional certifications to qualify for new jobs in these fields and many more. Many can be taken on your own schedule. 

The Power of Professional Certification Courses 

Many fields require professional certifications, like a proficiency exam offered by a professional organization, rather than a four-year degree. PCC offers multiple remote career training options to those looking to join the workforce.

PCC’s training as a National Child Development Associate certification is a simple, alternative way to broaden your career horizons. It expands your job opportunities in childcare and is necessary for anyone who runs a daycare center. Training like this offers insights on child development and adds an important credential to your resume.

Professional certification exams speak to the industry’s requirements and communicates preparedness in this field. The program combines rigorous coursework with an understanding of industry essentials to prepare professionals for their career and get them qualified relatively quickly. Many of these certifications only require a few terms for completion.

Retraining or Training Doesn't Have to Take Four Years

Four-year Bachelor's degrees provide many benefits, but they’re not the only option. Many alternative career development options are available to help students enter the workforce quickly and affordably, and may be a stepping stone to future educational pursuits. PCC allows for a career-focused path without requiring a four-year degree.

For example, the courses offered through PCC's Institute for Health Professionals allow students to get their start in the healthcare field with multiple certification courses for CNA, opticians, phlebotomists, and more. 

Courses in entry-level healthcare fields establish a stable career path by focusing on the most useful information for healthcare positions. However, some organizations and roles may require certification in additional fields, such as emergency medicine and critical care. In that case, cross-training through PCC is a fast and flexible option for obtaining those additional certifications.

The Power of PCC

The lower cost and higher flexibility of the PCC’s non-credit courses allow students to pursue a new field without committing to being a full-time student. For those seeking to run a small business someday, PCC offers small business development courses as a way to become savvy in starting and running a business.

Taking the many essential skills classes and other professional development courses from PCC can also show initiative to employers. These courses provide concrete skills, like conflict resolution and project management, which can be helpful for professional development.

PCC puts professionals in the driver’s seat for their career path and future. Review the options at our website today.

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