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Find Your Role with a Phlebotomy Certification

Posted by PCC Institute for Health Professionals on September 28, 2022

Whether you've never worked in healthcare or as a CNA, Medical Assistant, or other medical-field work, you'd be surprised by the need for certified phlebotomists. Phlebotomy involves knowledgeable blood drawing and blood handling.

It's a process that may look fast and easy when a trained person does it but a procedure that takes some time to perfect while offering excellent patient care along the way. Finding a path into healthcare has never been easier than working on a phlebotomy certification and getting started in this high-demand field.

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Topics: Healthcare Operations, Phlebotomy

Help Further Medical Knowledge with a Job in Clinical Research

Posted by PCC Institute for Health Professionals on September 27, 2022

The world of medical research is constantly advancing, but breakthroughs often feel like they come slower than we would prefer. However, participating in research can help push research further. While we want excellent research with clear outcomes, research takes time and a lot of personnel. One of the best ways to ensure that clinical research proceeds quickly, bringing lifesaving treatment plans to the world, is by hiring excellent, well-trained staff. A significant error in managing a research project would delay and muddy the findings, so great training is one of the most crucial factors in creating this work.

As it turns out, training in clinical research is also a great way to widen job opportunities for people with biology and research backgrounds or who already work in the medical field. If you've considered how to participate in research studies and get involved in clinical, read on to see how it happens in a flexible, online, or hybrid setting.

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Topics: Healthcare, Clinical Research

Make a Difference with Integrated Community Dental Assisting

Posted by PCC Institute for Health Professionals on September 23, 2022

Dental assistants are a significant area of need in both urban Portland and in rural dental practices around Oregon. Getting your basic dental assisting certification and an Expanded Functions exam helps raise your qualifications amongst dental assistants. What's more, Portland Community College offers the Integrated Community Dental Assisting program to train versatile dental assistants with a wealth of classroom and hands-on knowledge going into their first jobs. Let's look at why this role is so crucial.

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Topics: Healthcare Operations, dental assisting

Meet Your Instructor: Sheldon Levy - Clinical Research

Posted by PCC Institute for Health Professionals on September 21, 2022

Sheldon Levy, PhD, MPH is an instructor in the RCC-Institute for Health Professionals Foundations of Clinical Research. 

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Topics: Healthcare, Meet the IHP Team, Clinical Research

Meet Your Instructor: Aaron White - Clinical Research

Posted by PCC Institute for Health Professionals on September 02, 2022
Aaron  White, BA, BS is an instructor in the Foundations of Clinical Research program. He teaches Study Operations and Subject Interactions.
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Topics: Healthcare, Meet the IHP Team, Clinical Research

Pharmacy Technician 101: Is it Right for You?

Posted by PCC Institute for Health Professionals on August 26, 2022

While there have been shortages in various working fields in the past few years, pharmacies have been particularly hard-hit. The constant need for staff to help people receive their much-needed medications while running a tight ship puts them under a lot of strain. While pharmacists are crucial, it's also important to understand just how vital the role of pharmacy technicians is to Portland. Understanding this role helps you determine if this is your right-fit career in health and medicine.

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Topics: Healthcare, Entry Level Healthcare Careers

Jump into Health Care as a Phlebotomist

Posted by PCC Institute for Health Professionals on August 22, 2022

There's a misconception that getting into healthcare as a career takes many time-consuming years of study. Many people begin their healthcare careers with a rapid training course that moves them into an entry-level job. People develop their expertise from entry-level careers in phlebotomy or other areas of healthcare. Others work full-time while taking evening coursework to move into different healthcare roles.

Unlike going to school full-time for years, this method of incrementally advancing through the healthcare field provides an income while studying. It can still help you move into your ideal healthcare role eventually. Let's look at how to become a phlebotomist Portland desperately needs and why this role is well-suited to growing a healthcare career of various kinds.

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Topics: Healthcare Operations, Phlebotomy

How Dental Assistants Keep Dentist's Offices Afloat

Posted by PCC Institute for Health Professionals on July 20, 2022

Dental offices may have a dentist's name on the door, but usually, it takes more than just the dentist to handle the tasks that keep the business afloat. Instead, various workers, such as dental assistants, handle tasks from the moment the patients walk through the door till the practice closes for the day and prepares for the next day.

Dental assistant work is in very high demand right now. The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the field's growth rate at 11%, making it a high-demand career in Portland. Becoming a dental assistant is a rewarding and varied career, offering the chance to see the inner workings of a healthcare practice if you have a goal of continuing with your education to participate in some other aspect of the field.  If you speak to any dentist who's gone through a hiring shortage, they'll tell you exactly the value of dental assistants. Offices run on the labor of these workers!

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Topics: Healthcare Operations, dental assisting, High Demand Careers

Help People Feel at Ease as a Patient Access Specialist

Posted by PCC Institute for Health Professionals on July 13, 2022

So many important aspects of a doctor's visit begin to solidify when you first walk in the door. Think about the difference between being greeted politely and immediately connected to your provider versus not being noticed and then being haphazardly registered and checked in for your appointment. As a Patient Access Specialist, you get the opportunity to make people feel connected, cared for, and ready for their appointments, all while doing important behind-the-scenes data collection that helps you to continue serving them well during the payment or insurance process.

Maybe you're asking, "What is a patient access specialist, anyway?" Patient access specialists are the workers who first interact with a person coming into a medical clinic or doctor's practice. Their combination of greeting and entering information into the scheduling and documentation databases is one of the vital components of keeping the practice running smoothly. As a Patient Access Specialist, you need a combination of skills to find success in helping patients feel at ease.

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Topics: Healthcare Operations, High Demand Careers

The Career Benefits of Radiology for Oral Surgeons

Posted by PCC Institute for Health Professionals on July 06, 2022

Dentistry has advanced in remarkable ways over the centuries. In just the past few decades alone, safe and frequent radiological scan technology has allowed dentists and orthodontists to understand the human mouth better. The information revealed in these scans helps dentists find potential problems before they are noticeable on the surface of the teeth and before they become a medical crisis or significant source of pain.

Dental assistant work exists in various dentistry contexts, including regular dental practices, emergency dentistry, orthodontics, and oral surgery. While the work varies from one practice to another, there is a need to take x-rays or other imaging scans accurately and safely in most of these contexts.

However, with this additional technology comes additional training for dental assistants who want to be versatile team members in dentistry practice. Understanding this additional training and how it benefits you shows how radiology for oral surgeons' certification can help you advance your career and keep strong job security as you consider future moves within the field.

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Topics: Healthcare Operations, High Demand Careers

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