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The Importance of Functional Nutrition

Posted by PCC Institute for Health Professionals on July 13, 2020


Whether you've been in the field for a while or are just starting your healthcare career in nutrition, the Functional Nutrition Program at the PCC Institute for Health Professionals will provide many benefits to your career development. The program will not only provide you with a solid foundation to develop your professional nutrition career, but it will also prepare you for the Holistic Nutrition Credentialing Board or HNCB certification exam.

So what does a career in holistic nutrition look like? Well, holistic nutrition is founded on the philosophy that one's health is an expression of a complex interplay between many elements, including physical, chemical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and environmental. Overall, most holistic nutritionists help clients with their diet and lifestyle by teaching healthy eating habits and by providing suggestions on how to improve their overall lifestyle. If you are aspiring to be a nutritionist that assists clients in approaching health and healing beyond just the foods they are consuming, holistic nutrition and the Functional Nutrition Program at PCC might just be the perfect career move for you!

To build a lasting career in the field of nutrition, it's essential to continually perfect your craft as well as to earn proper certification. The HNCB certification is an excellent route for those wanting to pursue a career in holistic nutrition. Preparing for this exam and certification allows you to stay on top of the latest science, while also granting you the opportunity to connect with the most trusted community of mentors within the industry. Taking this path will enable you to make a lasting change in the health and nutrition field by building a solid foundation in the study of whole food nutrition.

The Functional Nutrition Program offered at PCC is the perfect program to prepare you for your HNCB certification and your future career in holistic nutrition. The program combines both the science and traditional wisdom behind nutrition. Courses are designed to be future-focused, taking into consideration the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare. Through this program, you will be taught by an experienced practitioner, each of whom is an expert within their field. Through this innovative program, you will be exposed to both science-based nutrition principles as well as traditional wisdom from Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. This combination provides you with a well-rounded perspective and firm foundation of nutrition, setting you up for success with your career in the field of holistic nutrition. 

Many career opportunities will be available to you if you choose to take this path. Holistic nutritionists have the chance to work in a variety of sectors, including community centers, corporate arenas, and health centers. Many holistic nutritionists are even self-employed, creating their own list of clientele to work with. Whether you're looking to find a job or create your own business, there will be many doors open for you after completing the Functional Nutrition Program and earning the HNCB certification. 

If you want to learn more about choosing the right Functional Nutrition Program, we can show you what to look for. It provides some great information on what your Functional Nutrition program should offer, while also providing a detailed account of what the Functional Nutrition Program at PCC has to offer. If you're also in need of some more resources to understand what the difference is between a Nutritionist and a Dietitian, we have resources for you. While these job titles are often used interchangeably by those that are outside of the field, there are distinct differences you must understand if you are looking to enter the field. Remember, you are the driver of your own life. Take the time to research the holistic nutrition career and the various programs available before making any commitments.  

This course is offered each fall. To stay in the loop and get the information you need to build a career in nutrition, you sign up for the Functional Nutrition newsletter at Portland Community College today!

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