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What to Expect From Our Functional Nutrition Program for Healthcare Professionals

Posted by PCC Institute for Health Professionals on July 24, 2020

More and more people are realizing that nutrition is a key factor in good health, and this is creating a demand for professionals who can provide guidance in how to use it to its fullest. This goes far beyond the idea of using food to control weight. Nutrition has been linked to conditions like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, digestive concerns, and more. It makes sense that while bad nutrition can increase risks, good nutrition can decrease them and may even help people heal from certain conditions.

Functional Nutrition Program for Healthcare Professionals

What is Functional Nutrition and Why is it Important?

Functional nutrition is a field of practice that aims to correct and prevent physical problems through the use of nutrition and other natural means. It can stand alone, or be used with other medical therapies to provide improvement in various conditions. Alone, it uses various foods or nutrients much like medicines, with each one chosen to correct a dietary imbalance or bring about specific results. Practitioners believe that disease symptoms shouldn't be merely suppressed with drugs, but instead, be seen as a set of clues as to what the body needs in order to get better.

What Does Our Program Cover?

The Functional Nutrition Program for Healthcare Professionals at PCC lasts for one year and is divided into four semesters. It covers a full range of subjects related to nutritional therapy, such as:

  • Bioscience and fundamentals of nutrition
  • Evidence-based practice of nutritional therapy
  • Nutritional counseling skills
  • Functional nutritional assessment
  • Holistic nutritional therapy
  • Business and practice considerations
  • Nutrition and life cycles
  • Introduction to Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine

Several other courses are also included to round out this educational program.

Who is this Program For?

The program is designed for healthcare professionals who would like to become nutritional therapists or add nutritional therapy to their existing practices. It also benefits those already educated in naturopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy, or other natural, alternative therapies. The course series is college-level and for those who are serious about learning how to provide this type of treatment.

Key Features and Benefits

After successful completion of this program, you'll be prepared to start a professional nutrition career or add holistic nutritional therapy to your existing natural health practice. This gives you a unique way to help people gain or regain health in ways that don't involve the use of drugs or surgery.

Once you've taken your classes, you'll sit for the Holistic Nutrition Credentialing Board (HNCB) certification exam. Passing the exam allows you to advertise yourself as a certified practitioner under the Board's auspices.

What You Need to Invest in Terms of Time and Finances

As we mentioned, this program lasts one year, and students will meet twice per week. Each hour of class time requires between one and three hours of preparation.

Financially, you'll invest a total of $6,296 for the entire program, or $1,574 per term. This includes a membership in NANP, the HNCP resource guide, and the HNCP exam fee, but does not cover books.

To sign up for the Functional Nutrition Program for Health Care Professionals at Portland Community College, just contact our admissions department. In just a year, you'll be ready to begin a nutrition-based practice or expand your current offerings.

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