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Train the Trainers: Become Certified to Train Yoga Teachers

Posted by PCC Institute for Health Professionals on August 27, 2021

Train the Trainers: Become Certified to Train Yoga Teachers

Yoga has grown to become one of the biggest sectors within sports clubs and other physical fitness services. In total, yoga is a more than $9 Billion industry. While this industry is incredibly influential, it's also a steady career for many yoga instructors, as well as a source of rewarding work that provides interpersonal connections and a feeling of making the world a better place for the people you teach. 

Yoga practitioners usually come to the practice for either a boost to mental wellbeing, physical strengthening, or a combination of both. Many, however, become very connected to the practice and seek ways to expand their skills, deepen their understanding of the poses and philosophy behind them, and be able to safely and wisely share their knowledge as teachers. Taking a 200-hour RYT 200 yoga teacher training class is offered in evening or online courses, making it easy to fit into one's schedule. The resulting credential can be used to begin teaching part-time or full-time, with a lot of flexibility available. 

Even the RYT 200 course isn’t the end of the journey for many committed yogis. At PCC, we offer the 300-hour yoga teacher training program, which itself brings you to the rigorous RYT 500 standard created by the Yoga Alliance. It also puts you in a position to train yoga teachers yourself.  

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The Responsibilities of Being a Certified Yoga Instructor in Portland, Oregon 

Certified yoga instructors take a 200-hour course that meets requirements set forth by the Yoga Alliance, which provides guidance to the Registered Yoga Schools (RYSs) to make sure that they're sending certified yoga instructors out into the world ready to teach safely. In Portland, you've probably seen that yoga practices are alive and well.  

Many of the yoga schools available will have one or more RYT 200 certified instructors. What's more, larger yoga businesses will often offer yoga teacher training themselves. These courses usually will have one or more instructors at the RYT 500 level, indicating a much broader and more in-depth mastery of yoga's history and practice. 

Building Your Yoga Business and Bonding with Committed Practitioners 

To stand out in the business landscape of yoga classes in Portland, you may want to take your yoga business to the next level, whether you offer only a couple of classes a week to small groups or own a school that employs many teachers. Taking the 300-hour training program helps you show a high level of legitimacy as a yoga instructor and therefore may bring more advanced practitioners into your business in search of expert guidance in their learning of the art and practice of yoga. 

Because RYT 500 yoga instructors can teach new RYT 200 classes and train the next generation of yoga instructors, it is often the next step if you want to help your committed yoga students to reach a new level. Not every RYT 200 student chooses to continue and become an instructor, but they do emerge with a substantial skillset that helps them become even more immersed in the culture and history of yoga. To offer your best students new opportunities, you may want to be able to offer a yoga teacher training.  

In 2020, the Yoga Alliance released elevated standards, which state that by 2022, 150 of 200 yoga teacher training hours must be taught by a lead trainer holding the RYT 500 credential. If you haven't yet earned this credential, the Portland Community College program is a thorough, affordable, and convenient way to gain that credential and hold yoga teacher trainings to both grow your business and give your students the challenges and depth they seek. 

How to Become Certified to Train Yoga Teachers at PCC 

Portland Community College's 300-hour yoga teacher training through the Institute for Health Professionals is a wonderful way to fit advanced studies of yoga into a busy life. The program is a hybrid that allows you to take livestreamed weekly online classes for many components of the year-long course, with two 18-hour intensives in person in Portland. Studying over a year allows you to incorporate everything you're learning into the daily yoga you already do, or to teach select skills and try new strategies in the yoga classes you already teach with your RYT 200 yoga instructor certification.  

At the conclusion of your 300-hour program, you'll be prepared to both expand any current yoga class offerings or launch your school, as well as train promising students up to their yoga teaching potential. To learn more about all that Portland Community College's Institute for Health Professionals has to offer, as well as signing up for a course, visit our website today. 


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