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Meet Functional Nutrition Instructor, Tish Campbell, PhD, MScN

Posted by PCC Institute for Health Professionals on October 19, 2022

Hi all!

My name is Tish Campbell, and I am very excited to be working as an adjunct instructor in what I consider to be such an excellent program! I have spent quite a lot of time in the academic setting, both as a student and an instructor.  I am an endlessly curious person who loves to talk about anything related to health and wellness; especially when it comes to health optimization, women’s bodies and hormones, autoimmunity, and longevity. ☺  

Profile PictureWhile I have long been interested in all aspects of health and nutrition – I was a college athlete and considered myself a health and fitness fanatic – until about five years ago, I was on a very different path. I was a full-time faculty member at Virginia Commonwealth University for a little less than a decade where I taught over 150 courses at both the graduate and undergraduate level.  While I was originally elated to teach a wide variety of courses in public policy and political science, I realized I wanted to do research and teach about things I was truly passionate about.   

Thus, I started to forge a new path as a health educator!  I started by getting my graduate certificate in public health at Oregon State University and became a Certified Health Coach.  During this time, I also earned a graduate certificate in college and university teaching at Oregon State University to further hone my skills as an educator.  After that, I went on to get my Master’s in Nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine and I am now in a functional nutrition residency with Dr. Kara Fitzgerald’s clinic.  I also see clients in my own functional nutrition clinical practice.

A bit about me personally - my wife and I moved to Portland, OR about six years ago and live in a Tiny House that we built.  We love hiking, camping, mountaineering, and CrossFit.  We are also fortunate enough to spend about two-to-three months every year in what we now consider our second home, Costa Rica.  In Costa Rica, I am consistently humbled by how long it takes to learn a new language and to become what I deem a ‘proficient’ surfer, both marathon-like endeavors!

Topics: Healthcare, Functional Nutrition, Integrative Healthcare

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