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Instructor Spotlight: Stacy Bone, Dental Health Education Program Coordinator

Posted by PCC Institute for Health Professionals on February 12, 2020

Stacy has been with PCC coordinating dental health education courses over the past three years. She was a dental assistant for 14 years before completing her degree in 2012 at PSU in Community Health Education.

dental assistant program at PCC

Which programs are you working with in the upcoming term? All dental continuing education courses which include Oral Radiology and Dental Restorative Functions Endorsement. We are also wrapping up our third Cohort of our Integrated Community Dental Assisting Program.

In what ways will your students be impacted by this class?  Our ICDA Program helps fill the high demand for dental assistants in our community. Students are usually new to the dental and health care industry. Our continuing education courses are offered to all current dental health care providers.

The ICDA program successfully prepares the student for a career in a growing field of dentistry, with above-average pay, and a bounty of full-time work opportunities.

Oral Radiology Certificate Prep course is for dental assistants and those with dental office experience who want to become certified in Oregon. Individuals can take on more responsibility as a dental assistant by obtaining the Radiation Health and Safety certificate. Dental Assistants who become radiology certified in the state of Oregon, can operate dental x-ray equipment and perform dental radiography procedures.

The Dental Restorative Functions Endorsement is a great way to add a new dimension to your dental career. When you receive your Dental Restorative Functions Endorsement in Oregon, you are able to place, finish and polish amalgam and composite restorations with clinical competency.

What is the most interesting challenge that you've seen a student/client overcome, and how did they overcome it?  Kaiser Permanente and the SEIU Foundation have worked together to set up a sponsorship with current KP employees for the PCC ICDA program. This last summer, an individual was accepted into our ICDA program. This student is a DREAMER and a full-time employee with KP. Unfortunately, a week after she was accepted into the ICDA program, her work visa didn't arrive for unforeseen circumstances, and she was terminated from KP. Two days later, her work visa arrived, but it was already too late, and she lost the sponsorship with SEIU and KP. I worked with the SEIU rep really hard and helped this student find a resolution, and she was able to receive the grant two weeks prior to the program starting.

What is it about the subject that compels you to remain interested? Working in the dental field over the last 16 years has given me the opportunity to see the importance of a strong dental team member, and how rewarding a career in dentistry can be. The continuous growth in the dental industry opens many opportunities, and I find passion in introducing students into the field where they can find their own success.

In what ways is the Portland marketplace similar or different to national trends? Portland's marketplace for dental assistants sees very similar trends of high demand for DA's nationally. The industry is continuously growing, with an estimated 65,000 more dental assistants needed by 2026. Dental assistants play a significant role as a member of the dental health care team, increasing the efficiency of the dentist in a number of ways. Pay for a student graduating from our program starts anywhere between $18-$20/hr.

Important Information About ICDA Courses: Oral Radiology Proficiency Certification Prep This course meets criteria to take Oregon's Clinical and Didactic Radiologic Proficiency Exam administered by the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB). 30 hrs online and 16 hrs of in-class lab. Lab meets two Saturdays. 

Dental Restorative Functions This 80 hour course is for Oregon licensed dental hygienists and dental assistants certified in expanded functions. Graduates of the program will be eligible to take the WREB examination for State Certification in Restorative Dental Functions.

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