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Celebrating World Trade Month 2023

Posted by PCC Small Business Development Center on June 07, 2023

Oregon SBDC Network Global Trade Center: Strengthening International Connections and Facilitating Trade Partnerships During World Trade Month

The Oregon SBDC Network Global Trade Center (GTC), hosted at the PCC Small Business Development Center, continues to lead in promoting international trade and facilitating collaboration between Oregon's small businesses and global partners. Throughout World Trade Month 2023, the OSBDCN Global Trade Center participated in numerous events, fostering collaborative relationships with countries such as Hong Kong, Vietnam, and South Korea. 

2023 Vietnam-US Business Forum
Gwangju City, Korea
Representatives from Gwangju City, Korea
Consul Tran Portland
David Kohl, OSBDCN Global Trade Center Liaison, and Chief Trade Consul Thang Tran
Gwangju City, Korea (2)
Representatives from Gwangju City, Korea
Vietnam US Business Forum Portland 02
David Kohl, OSBDCN Global Trade Center Liaison, moderating the 2023 Vietnam-US Business Forum
2023 Vietnam-US Business Forum
HK Trade Office
Lunch with representatives from the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in San Francisco

Celebrating World Trade Month 2023

In May, OSBDCN Global Trade Center Liaison and Senior Trade Specialist, David Kohl, played a pivotal role in celebrating collaborative relationships between Oregon and international communities. One notable event was the Vietnam-US Business Forum held in Portland, Oregon, where Mr. Kohl served as the moderator. The forum provided a platform for the Vietnamese and US business communities, along with Chief Trade Consul Thang Tran and the Consulate General of Vietnam in San Francisco to explore the vast potential of collaboration, highlighting the mutual desire to strengthen economic ties and establish sustainable business partnerships between the two nations.

Collaborative Events and Engagements

The OSBDCN Global Trade Center continued its celebration of World Trade Month, as evidenced by its involvement in significant gatherings such as the Celebrate Trade Gala, organized by the Oregon Consular Corps and Oregon District Export Council. During this event, key industry leaders, foreign dignitaries, and trade professionals converged to explore trade opportunities. Notable guests included representatives from the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in San Francisco, such as Jacko Tsang (Director) and Emily Ng (Deputy Director), alongside other esteemed individuals from various organizations, including the NWCC and Oregon Department of Agriculture.

Facilitating Dialogue and Partnerships

The active participation of the OSBDCN Global Trade Center at events like the Celebrate Trade Gala underscores its commitment to facilitating dialogue and fostering partnerships between local businesses and international counterparts. These endeavors include the reception of a delegation from Gwangju City, South Korea, in collaboration with the State of Oregon Governor's Office as well as Business Oregon, the Port of Portland, and Prosper Portland. These initiatives provide a platform for sharing insights, discussing collaborative opportunities, and paving the way for mutually beneficial trade relationships. These engagements also support the strategic political interaction and collaboration with the State of Oregon to support small business global success.

Promoting Small Business Expansion

The OSBDCN Global Trade Center, founded over 5 years ago by David Kohl and PCC SBDC Director Tammy Marquez-Oldham, has played a crucial role in supporting hundreds of small businesses in global trade business training programs such as Buying and Selling Outside the US and through 1:1 business advising. By offering essential resources, nurturing relationships, and connecting small businesses with international trade partners, the OSBDCN Global Trade Center has helped create and support a robust local economy, supporting the livelihoods of families and communities throughout Oregon and beyond.

As the Oregon SBDC Network Global Trade Center continues to champion international trade and support small businesses in expanding into the global marketplace, the state of Oregon stands to benefit from increased economic growth, job creation, and enhanced community vitality. With dedicated leaders like David Kohl and Tammy Marquez-Oldham and a thriving network of trade professionals, the center is paving the way for a prosperous future built on strong international collaborations.


Learn more about the Oregon SBDC Network Global Trade Center and how it supports small businesses here

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