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Art as a Side Hustle

Posted by CLIMB Center on May 18, 2020

You're a talented artist. You were given the gift of making stunning creative works and have racked up the hours perfecting your craft. However, you still haven't found a way to monetize your creative pieces.

Art as a side hustle
To transform your hobby into a lucrative side hustle, you need to learn how to monetize your art. Let's take a more in-depth look at how Portland Community College can help you take your talent and transform it into a profitable side hustle.

How to Monetize Your Art

Even with exceptional talent, there will be obstacles that you must overcome to take your art from a hobby into a moneymaking side hustle. Enrolling in The Business of Art course offered by Carol Booton will equip you with the right tools to overcome the obstacles you face as you strive to turn your art hobby into a rewarding side hustle.

(Find the course by searching “art business” on the PCC schedule browser).

Carol Booton's class will help you learn the business basics, including strategy, business models, marketing, legalities, records, tracking, and planning, all geared toward artists. Booton emphasizes to artists the importance of compromise and sacrifice for those looking to transform their talent into a lucrative side hustle.

In a recent interview, Booton said that artists have “a number of questions they need to ask themselves. The first one being how willing are they to compromise their art in order to make it, to monetize it?" Booton goes on to highlight that for art to become a successful side hustle, artists must be ready to make compromises in their work. These compromises will make their creative pieces readily accessible to the market. Creating beautiful pieces that nobody buys will halt your side hustle before it even starts.

Booton also realizes that many artists find it difficult to remove their creative hat and put on a business hat instead. However, being able to wear both hats at different times will ultimately determine your success with art as a side hustle. Booton went on to describe a common challenge that many artists face, "Trying to convince or persuade somebody to buy their art, that makes them uncomfortable and they have a lot of resistance to that. So I try to pitch it from the standpoint that they're doing a service by helping people find art that they love." Booton's ultimate goal is to equip artists with the right mindset and tools to find monetary success with their creative passion.

Choose Portland Community College Today

To learn more about transforming your creative outlet into a lucrative side hustle from Carol Booton go to PCC’s schedule browser and type “art business.” Learn how Portland Community College has the power to transform your life, leaving you with a better tomorrow!

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