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[White Paper] Towards Inclusivity: Diversity Best Practices

Posted by CLIMB Professional Development and Training on September 30, 2016

This is the summary of a paper written by Global Corporate College, a partner with CLIMB.

GCC provides effective training on topics that matter most to businesses. This paper demonstrates the importance of companies having a solid diversity program.


  • Valuing inclusion is far more than creating affinity groups in an organization: valuing
    is intentionally creating a culture where everyone has the opportunity to contribute.

  • If individuals at a company recognize its diverse population as a unique asset, they can create strategies that leverage the immense collective potential and talent.

  • Based on the experiences of other organizations, a well managed diversity and inclusion program can directly influence a company’s results in several key areas: 

    • Maximize the value of a global footprint

    • Encourage collaborative innovation

    • Strive for operational excellence

  • Best practice organizations use a broader definition of diversity. This is especially important in global organizations like companies where the notion of diversity should be broad enough to encompass the very real differences in culture that may exist in different locations across the globe. Using a wider view creates the potential to see diversity as an opportunity to learn from and engage others, leveraging multiple approaches to problem solving, creativity and innovation.

  • Forward-thinking organizations realize that leaderships’ support of diversity programs is perceived as a reflection of the organization’s commitment and values.

  • Many organizations recognize the importance of inclusion but struggle to create a program that takes hold. To succeed, organizations must be intentional about the culture they want to create. Strategies to create an inclusive culture include:

    • Value inclusion and diversity

    • Foster cross cultural competence

    • Support global mobility

To read more, you can find the original white paper put out by Global Corporate College here.

Topics: Professional Development, Operations

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