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Ways to Enhance Your Professional Development Skills This Fall

Posted by CLIMB Professional Development and Training on September 18, 2020


For many people, the first falling leaves evoke thoughts of school days and fresh beginnings. In 2020, perhaps more than usual, the start of the school season motivates people to reach beyond social distancing to expand their professional development skills.

Keeping up with professional development is critical to keep your skills relevant to the working world. It makes even more sense in 2020 since COVID-19 restructured the business world from an in-person framework to employees working from home. Working from home can still create conflict, and as several states head toward fully reopening businesses, that brings its own set of conflicts for both management and staff. 

Portland Community College (PCC) and its Professional Development Training can help you sharpen the skills you already have or acquire new ones. The following courses offer relevance to Portland's workforce. You can study them individually or in tandem to enhance their effectiveness.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict arises in the workplace whenever employees with different backgrounds, cultures, personalities, motivations, goals, and even leadership styles find it difficult to work together.  One of the essential skills for business managers in all sectors is to know how to resolve these conflicts.

PCC's conflict resolution workshop teaches attendees how to provide difficulties employees with opportunities for them to excel and the business to grow.

The session studies the different types of conflict and teaches students the best way to handle each type. Conflict resolution exercises can encourage team building and higher levels of trust, productivity, and satisfaction for employees. 

The Art of Conflict Management

Business managers must learn to manage conflict constructively. Throughout this course, you will learn the various types of situational conflict. You will reflect and analyze the various conflict patterns through lectures and coursework. By the end of the course, you will recognize unconscious social-psychological barriers and learn how to develop the skills to handle them effectively.

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Effective Behavior Intervention Strategies

Relational conflicts are part of the workplace, but responding correctly to these situations is crucial. This workshop trains health/human services providers and teachers on how to safely respond to risky behaviors while maintaining their core responsibilities for care.

Transforming Relationships

This series of workshops explores the behaviors, language, biases, and defenses that interfere with interpersonal relationships. Students learn how to redirect destructive behavior and to encourage collaboration and inclusion within the group.

Looking Ahead

If COVID-19 leaves you feeling unprepared for the dynamics in the new working world, Portland Community College classes can help you get started. You will learn to lead when you explore how to manage conflict, acquire new conflict resolution skills, exercise effective behavior strategies, and grasp how to transform interpersonal relationships toward more constructive goals. 

Registration is now open for PCC's Fall credit and non-credit classes. The campus is currently closed due to COVID-19, but professional development classes will be presented remotely. Taking a course this Fall with PCC can jump-start your professional skills and help guide you toward your next level.

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