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Tips to Keep Your Employees Motivated During the Summer

Posted by Mary Bradbury Jones on July 28, 2015

Motivation sign with a beautiful daySummer can be a distracting time for the most motivated employee which leaves managers struggling to keep company morale high. Mostly, we associate being productive with being on task; yet, research indicates that is not always the case. Here are a few tips you can begin using today to keep your employees motivated all throughout the summer.

Allow for Vacations and Flex Time

Between vacations, family picnics and childcare dilemmas, summer can equal extra time away from the office. Be the kind of boss who welcomes time-off requests while encouraging a work-life balance. Perhaps even implement “Summer Fridays.”  

In fact, contrary to conventional wisdom, one way to increase efficiency is allowing, and encouraging, your employees use their PTO. An Ernst and Young study shows a link between time-off and improved performance reviews; moreover, those employees were less likely to burn out and quit because of an improved overall well-being and outlook. In short, do not underestimate the importance of taking vacations.

Additionally, encourage your employees to unplug from all company related electronics while they are out of the office for any extended period of time.

Encourage Engagement

Regardless of your industry, encouraging employee engagement impacts the bottom line. One way to achieve engagement is to schedule regular brainstorming meetings. Another method is seeking feedback via a “message box” designated email or an anonymous survey. Lastly, never underestimate the importance of providing positive feedback.  

Ultimately, when people feel heard and appreciated. Studies show a 5% increase in employee engagement results in a .7% increase in an operating margin.  

Have Fun With Team Building

Summer is the perfect time for a non-work related functions. Create team building activities to keep your team motivated this summer. Try going to a baseball game or an amusement park as a group. Maybe find an outdoor activity such as joining a softball league. Research confirms that taking short breaks is a solid strategy for impacting output so suggest taking a twenty minute group walk to get everyone away from their desks.

Through encouraging vacations, increasing communication and team building you can keep your employees inspired until the days get shorter and the leaves fall from the trees. Doing so will increase your popularity as a boss and impact your bottom line through heightened moral and productivity. That seems like a win-win.


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