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The 7 Benefits of Effective Communication in Personal and Professional Settings

Posted by CLIMB Professional Development and Training on July 09, 2019

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For today’s managers, good communication plays an essential role in their success in the workplace and in their personal life. Leaders who know how to communicate effectively with those around them will see better productivity and improved relationships in every aspect of their lives.

Effective communication involves knowing how to listen attentively. It’s the ability to offer empathy, open-mindedness, and helpful feedback based on what you hear. Also, a friendly demeanor, confidence, and quality nonverbal communication will also help you, as a manager, develop good relationships with the members of your team.

Let’s explore some benefits of effective communication you will see in- and outside your office when you take the time to nurture these skills.

1. Building trust

Effective communication fosters trust with others. Your ability to listen attentively and embrace different points of view helps others trust that you are making optimal decisions for everyone in the group. As you serve as a role model, this trust will extend to your team and they will feel as though they can trust their teammates to fulfill their duties and responsibilities. 

2. Preventing or resolving problems 

The ability to communicate effectively plays a large role in resolving conflicts and preventing potential ones from arising. The key is to remain calm, make sure all parties are heard and find a solution that is ideal for everyone involved.

3. Providing clarity and direction

With effective communication skills, you’re able to deliver clear expectations and objectives for your team. This involves finding constructive ways to point out when something isn’t working as well as providing helpful feedback to get people back on track. They will understand their specific tasks and responsibilities, as well as those of their teammates, which will help eliminate conflicts and confusion.

4. Creates better relationships

Good communication also improves relationships, both with employees and in your personal life with friends and family members. Listening carefully and offering quality feedback helps people to feel heard and understood. This, in turn, nurtures mutual respect.

5. Increases engagement

With people feeling more confident in their work and in their understanding of what they need to do, they become more engaged with their work as a whole. According to a recent study exploring the psychology of employee engagement, only 15% of adult employees are engaged with their employers. By prioritizing effective communication, you can increase engagement, and thus boost satisfaction, among your team members.

6. Improves productivity

When team members understand their roles, the roles of others and your expectations, they can focus more on their work and less on workplace issues. With effective communication, conflicts are resolved quickly, employees can better manage their workload and distractions are minimized. These benefits contribute to greater productivity for you and your team.

7. Promotes team building

With improved communication, team members will be better able to rely on each other. You will not have one team member feel as though they have to carry the entire group. This improved division of labor will encourage positive feelings and relationships between the team members, which leads to improved morale and work experiences.

Good communication skills can play an important role in nurturing positive work experiences for your entire team. As people feel listened to and understood by you, you naturally improve your work environment. If you want to learn more about how to improve your leadership skills, including your communication strategies, take a look at our Effective Communication workshop at PCC. This condensed workshop will demonstrate the impact communication skills have on other people, at work and in life.

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