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More than License Prep: Real Estate Course Helps Individuals Understand Real Estate for Their Own Purchases or Investments

Posted by CLIMB Professional Development and Training on August 17, 2018

Gary Calvert is a former Air Force pilot and professional diver, and currently works for Washington County in Hillsboro for its housing authority. He’s lived in the Portland-metro area for over 30-years and has been teaching at Portland Community College for nearly as long, and in various capacities. He recently connected with us to share more about his passion for education and his interest in real estate.

How did you become interested in the subject matter?  
I have been involved in the Real Estate industry since 1977. Preparing individuals to enter the industry and provide a valuable service to those looking to rent, purchase or sell their home has been a passion for me. It is one of the largest consumer expenditures a person generally makes in their life, but no one teaches people how to do this without making serious mistakes. The Real Estate licensee fills this void. 

What is it about the subject that compels you to remain interested?  
Being active in the industry is the primary motivator. Having a desire to create professionalism in the industry is a close second.

What do you like about working at PCC?   
The educational environment and professionalism make working at the College a pleasure. The staff is friendly and always helpful. The students are there to learn.

What have you have learned from your students over the years?  
No two are alike. They learn at different paces and in different ways. The challenge is to be sure the course reaches to all levels of experience and education.

How will your students be impacted by this class?
They will begin a life long journey of helping people find housing for their families. The knowledge also helps licensees on a personal level to know and understand real estate for their own purchases or investments.

How do you intend to keep exploring this subject matter?  
Being active in the industry is important. Being part of trade organizations is also critical. Being connected to the Real Estate Agency for new changes and proposed improvements is very important. Real Estate is not a stagnate industry and you are constantly learning. Technology in this industry has changed significantly over the past 10 years.

Are there any current trends related to the subject matter that you find interesting
The concept of supply and demand; while simple on the face provides for very different markets. Changes in the cost of financing are also one that I watch. What financial products are available and what the Federal Reserve is planning. Technology and outreach have changed and real estate is now a global market and not just a local one.

What class are you teaching?  
I’m currently teaching Real Estate Broker Pre-licensing. In the past I taught courses related to real estate contract and agency law, property management and a few terms of intro to real estate and real estate finance.  

What day/time can people take your class? What is its CRN/CEU?
The class is web-based so a student can work on it anytime of the day or night.


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