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How to Increase Your Confidence {When Presenting Your Business Case}

Posted by CLIMB Professional Development and Training on June 21, 2017

present your business casePresenting under any circumstances can be a stressful experience, but even more so when presenting your business case. When you have a business case to share, it’s often something you’re passionate about and the culmination of a lot of hard work. When the stakes are high, it’s perfectly normal to feel nervous about presenting, but there are many things you can so beforehand to ensure it goes smoothly. Here are 6 ways to increase your confidence when presenting your business case:

Double-check your facts.

Check and double check your facts, data and any supporting documentation you have for your business case. You’ll feel more confident when you’re certain of the information you’re sharing. It’s likely that those making any decisions based on your presentation will be doing some fact checking of their own and if they find any errors your case will be less persuasive. If you’ve taken the time to ensure accuracy it will benefit your confidence and case in the end.

Consult a manager/stakeholder.

The individuals you’re trying to persuade with your business case likely have a budget, processes and an overall way they like things done. Consulting with a manager with insight to this information can help immensely when creating your business case. By understanding the boundaries and practices your audience is working with you can make certain your business case is something they could realistically consider.

Have a co-worker or manager double-check your presentation.

Sometimes when we’re so close to something we can be blind to imperfection. By having a co-worker or, better yet, a manager check your presentation they can alert you to any errors or problems beforehand. Going into your presentation knowing that someone else has had the chance to review will put you at ease and increase your confidence when presenting your business case.

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Practice, practice and then practice.

Practicing your presentation beforehand is one of the most important ways to increase your confidence before a presentation. If you know your presentation backward and forward, you won’t find yourself stumbling to find your place or having awkward pauses to look up information on the big day.

Practice in front of mirror, friends, and coworkers.

Body language can be just as important to your presentation as the information shared. By practicing your presentation in front of a mirror and other people you can identify any issues with your body language beforehand. A friend or co-worker can also alert you to any issues with your public speaking you might not even be aware of. Perhaps you’re saying “um” too much or not making eye contact with your audience.  If you have time, you may also want to consider taping yourself to identify any issues.

Test technology in advance.

Nothing can break up the positive flow of a presentation more than a technology error. If you have any videos, music or special effects, be sure to practice them in advance. If you’re able to gain access to the actual room the presentation will be held in, you can test out the technology in the room as well. Print materials in advance to avoid technology issues and avoid not having materials in hand for the presentation

If you don’t know how to give a business presentation, there are many resources available to walk you through the process. Remember, public speaking does not come naturally to most people, but preparing yourself beforehand will help boost your confidence and increase your chance of success. By double checking your information, consulting a manager or stakeholder, having a co-worker double check your presentation, practicing numerous times by yourself and in front of others and testing your technology in advance you’ll know you did everything you could to persuade your audience.

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