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Expand Your Professional Development with Ed2Go

Posted by CLIMB Professional Development and Training on October 19, 2022


The workplace is constantly evolving, and many find that just keeping the status quo is a way to fall behind. You're gaining experience and skills on the job, but after a few years or even decades, new technology, techniques, or company direction can mean that you need additional training. The good news is that Portland Community College partners with ED2GO, a national online class provider, with busy career professionals in mind. The programs are focused on getting you the best, most helpful information without additional commute time and on your timeline. 

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Maintaining Certifications Requires Continuing Education

We know that one of the best ways remote college courses in Portland can serve you is with official CEUs or continuing education units for certifications. In everything from healthcare to teaching, computer work to real estate, you must pass exams and obtain certificates to present your qualifications to potential employers. Many of these programs require recertification every few years, requiring that you continue to improve in your field or gain new skills.

The neat thing about these fields is that you sometimes need to take specific coursework or refreshers, which PCC can help with, but other times, you have more freedom to pick the coursework that interests you. That could allow you to gain leadership skills that would help you move up in your organization, help you cross-train and be more versatile for your workplace, or even move into a different role that builds on both your old and new skills.

Ways PCC ED2GO Helps: How to Benefit From Continuous Learning 

Here are just a few of the kinds of courses that could either benefit you directly as CEUs or help your career along in more general ways, making you a better, more well-rounded worker:


  1. Taking the administrative assistant coursework can benefit you as you move into a full-time executive assistant role. It can also help your professionalism if you have some part of your job, including scheduling, team organizing, or phone customer service.
  2. Taking a Project Management fundamentals course may be helpful to a dedicated project manager, but it can make any busy professional more effective at communicating deadlines and keeping projects organized.
  3. If your workplace was not computer-centric when you started but has grown more focused on computer skills, taking any PCC ED2GO computer coursework can show initiative and help you stay speedy at your workplace tasks.
  4. If your role includes some bookkeeping or if you are scaling up a small business without the ability to hire a separate bookkeeper at this time, the accounting fundamentals series can help you make sense of the books and keep everything organized for tax time.
  5. Our "Achieving Success With Difficult People" course has broad relevance in the workplace. It is an excellent option if you want to develop the diplomatic skills necessary to move into a more team lead or management role over time.
  6. Preparing to work in automotive services? We have a multi-part series on the Automotive Service Excellence exams. If you have passed these exams but haven't worked on, for instance, automotive heating and air conditioning in a while, this could be a quick, inexpensive, and flexible way to get a refresher on what you need to know. If you haven't passed the exams yet, these courses allow you to practice, learn the test components, and enter the exam preparation.
  7. Does your work typically pass through a translator or interpreter so that you can communicate with teams overseas? A beginner class in, for instance, Conversational French allows you to begin to grasp the subtleties of what your teams are thinking, making you more likely to be chosen for business travel and simply making you more effective as a communicator.
  8. A certification in meditation or mindful relationships will have a powerful impact on you. It can also give you a calmer head at work or help you launch a wellness-related business in yoga, massage, or other therapeutic fields.
  9. If your work involves legal terminology and you're worried about contract knowledge in the past, you might benefit from a dedicated course on contract law. As with other classes, this one may allow you to move into a different role or shift your focus at work for a change of pace.

Portland Community College as a Resource For Your Career

PCC ED2GO online classes are not isn't the only offering from the school; many programs need hands-on components, so hybrid and in-person classes help many Portland residents get the most out of their education and careers. However, the school is constantly finding new ways to serve students with courses that help them find and succeed in jobs that have high demand. Dive in today to learn more about how online coursework could help you.

Explore Professional Development Courses

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