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5 Things to Keep in Mind While Job Searching

Posted by PCC Small Business Development Center on December 09, 2021

5 Things to Keep in Mind While Job Searching

Finding a new job or finding your first job is an exercise in patience, resilience, and persistence because no one likes to find out that they didn't get an interview or are just not the top choice for an employer. It can feel like you have sent a million applications even if you are still relatively early in your process of applying. There are ways you can keep things in perspective and make sure you have the staying power to get ready for a job hunt. If you're lucky, you won't need these strategies, but recognize that great workers sometimes have long job hunts, especially in specialized industries or times of economic shift. Here are some tips for how to stay sane while job hunting. We wanted to include some of the more gentle job search tips 2021 has to offer. 

Cut Yourself Some Slack! This is Hard! 

Expectations about getting a job quickly often lead to frustration and burnout, but expectations focused on your efforts help you a lot more. For example, if you tell yourself, "I'll have a high-paying job in my desired industry in two months," getting your goal isn't really up to your effort. However, if you say, "I'll customize my resume and cover letter well for the eight best jobs I can find to apply to every week and learn from any feedback I get," you are much more likely to meet your goal. If you don't meet your goal, however, remember that this kind of work is challenging for many of us, and you're not alone. 

Keeping Your Purpose In Clear View Helps You Persevere 

Whatever it takes to stay positive is worth it. Do you put a note on your bathroom mirror that says, "working toward a job today is your way of helping your family!"? That's great! Do you reward yourself with some social media time or a great episode of a show when you finish an extensive application? Maybe! You should figure out a reward that doesn't take away from your process of getting applications out there and networking to find out about job postings. But remembering why you want this kind of job or why having a job will help you and your family can be a real motivation boost.  

Find Ways to Improve Your Resume Qualifications 

When you're in the thick of a long job hunt, especially when you have minimum requirements for salary or flexible hours, you can do more than just send applications out. Here in Portland, Oregon, Portland Community College offers a variety of classes that can pad your resume with new skills and credentials while also being a source for staying sane while job hunting. If you've wanted to get work in a pharmacy but have struggled to find a place that will do on-the-job training, for instance, a pharmacy technician training program can help you boost your skills and appeal to potential employers. If you're job hunting while working another job, never fear: many PCC courses are online or hybrid, making it easier to get classwork done around your current job that will help you find the next job!  

Recognize How The Process is Building Your Resilience  

There's usually a tough day in a job process: realistically, it could be after finding out that you didn't get a job that you were getting your hopes up about. However, it's essential to reframe as quickly as possible: this rejection doesn't have control over you; you do! You are being made more persistent and resilient by the process, and you'd be amazed what people go on to do after a very frustrating or long job hunt. Remember that everyone who has ever had an amazing career had to do what you're doing now: it's around the corner!  

Make it a Point to Submit a New Application When Unsuccessful Attempts Happen 

In addition to thinking positively and persisting, one other great strategy when trying to move on from a rejection letter or phone call is to do something immediately that helps you find your next job. Whether that's opening up a new job search site and finding a few new listings to bookmark or completing an entire application, don't let yourself fall into a rut. After that application, take a break and enjoy a moment of annoyance that you didn't get the job you wanted but doing something proactive first will often lessen the feelings of frustration, putting a new hope out into the world. 

You can take affordable, flexible courses while you are searching for a job through Portland Community College. People who write cover letters and resumes all day need a break to learn something exciting and new, and those courses often connect them to new connections in their chosen fields. Check out coursework like our Pharmacy Technician program and our many others today!  

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