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4 Classes Managers Need to Adapt to Portland Workplaces

Posted by PCC Small Business Development Center on February 27, 2020

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It is no secret that in the last decade, Portland's population has grown and the makeup of its workforce has changed drastically. In order to continue to effectively manage your employees, you must adapt, learn new skills, and gain an understanding of the diverse and ever-changing Portland workforce. It is critical as a manager to provide a healthy, safe, and respectful workplace for all of your employees. In order to accomplish this task, as a manager, you must continue to grow and improve in areas such as diversity, transgender employees, and workplace harassment. Workplace discord and stress affect everyone within the company and can affect not only your team's morale but also their productivity. 

At the center, we offer classes specifically tailored to address the areas of understanding related to Diversity, Transgender Employees, and Workplace Harassment. We also offer a specialized class teaching management such as yourself Behavior Intervention Strategies, to successfully deal with conflicts that may arise in your workplace.


Diversity is a crucial part of Portland's identity. It is important to not only accept but also celebrate our differences from one another. Portland workplaces are as wonderful and diverse as Portland's lively population and it is critical that we are understanding and respectful of those differences. From gender, to sexual orientation, religion, and different ethnicities, the individuals that make up our community are proud of their individuality. This Diversity workshop will give you the tools to celebrate diversity in the workplace while bringing individuals together to work as a team. 

Transgender Employees

It is important as part of the management team to be inclusive of your entire workforce and to provide a healthy and safe work environment for the continued growth and success of your employees. Transgender employees can be targeted for harassment and as a part of the management team of your organization, you must be able to recognize possible problems and ensure a workplace that is productive for your entire workforce. The Transgender Employees- Creating an Inclusive Community workshop will introduce terminology, elements, policies, and resources to build and sustain a safe, inclusive environment for Transgender employees and increase the comfort level and productivity of all within your organization. 

Workplace Harassment

Unfortunately, workplace harassment is something that occurs more often than we would like to admit. Often times as a manager you may not be aware of these behaviors unless an employee directly addresses you. The Workplace Harassment course will teach you to recognize what constitutes harassment and  what to do about it. The course will teach you to take proactive and preventative measures regarding workplace harassment, what sorts of policies should be in place, how you and your team can protect your employees, and how to follow and respond appropriately to reporting by employees.

Behavior Intervention Strategies

It is inevitable that, at some point, a problem will arise within your workplace that will require you or your management team to intervene to protect your employees' wellbeing. During our Effective Behavior Intervention Strategies course, you will learn to identify issues possibly involving diversity, transgender employees, and workplace harassment. You will be taught when it is appropriate to use intervention skills to safely respond to various levels of risk behavior while balancing the responsibilities of care.

Development at the CLIMB Center

At Portland Community College we provide managers as well as their management teams the skills and knowledge to be prepared for problems that can arise within their workplace in the constantly changing and expanding Portland workforce. Instead of waiting for a problem to arise within your workplace environment prepare yourself to recognize issues and intervene to prevent them from developing into bigger problems that will affect your entire workforce's morale and productivity. 

Topics: HR & Organizational Effectiveness, Leadership, Interpersonal Communication, Portland Community College

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