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10 Business Benefits of Training Your Team Time Management Skills

Posted by Mary Bradbury Jones on January 20, 2017


Updated June 29, 2022

As the old adage goes, “time is money,” so being able to effectively manage your time is an important asset in both your personal and professional life. Especially in this day and age, there are many things competing for our attention.

Think about it: How many times throughout the day do you get distracted or derailed in getting done what you set out to accomplish?

When your team has solid time management skills, it allows them to be happier and healthier. That, in turn, can benefit your bottom line. Here are the benefits of training time management when everyone on your team is on the same page:

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1. Your Business’ Ability to Be Effective

It is simple. The better you and your employees are at managing your time the more of a chance you have to meet deadlines and complete tasks because you are eliminating wasted time. Plus, the more often you and your employees process a task, the faster and better you get at it, improving the overall efficiency of your team.

2. It’s Easier to Prioritize Tasks and Activities

Identify what tasks take precedence in your business. When you can identify what’s important and what’s not, then, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get things done.

However, for some employees and managers, this is a soft skill that needs to be actively developed and trained. Once they're fully in the habit of this facet of time management, it can be very rewarding to see how much your team can accomplish.

3. Punctuality Frees Up Time

Getting a late start on the work day or waiting for people in a meeting can set the whole team’s progress back. If you show up early or on time for work, then you can get a head start on meeting your deadlines and be better prepared for any upcoming meetings.

It may also be beneficial to set a timeline and agenda for meetings so that people are less likely to show up late. This will also keep the meeting from derailing away from the main topics at hand.

4. Organization and Finding What You Need Saves Time

Getting yourself organized and having a system that is ideal for you will also help you save time in finding what you need to do your job. An uncluttered workspace not only makes you more efficient, but it also makes you appear more professional and productive.

5. The Ability to Reach Goals and Objectives Quicker

When you’ve honed in your time management skills and go into your day with a to-do list and a plan, then it makes it a lot easier to reach your objectives at a faster pace because you have something to refer to that helps you stay on point.

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6. Now There’s Time for Planning and Forecasting

Now that you’re set up to complete your tasks quicker, you can focus some of that extra time on looking at your overall goals and start planning for the next year.

Once you have a broad-based plan in place, you and the team can start working out the details which then turns into the tasks which keep the business moving forward.

7. Experience Less Stress and Anxiety

Studies show that employees who are organized and complete tasks on time are more confident people in general and less prone to anxiety and stress. Instead of procrastinating or having tasks hanging over your head, just get it done (or delegate what you can) and then you’ll have more free time to enjoy the things you want to do.

8. Effective Time Management Boosts Morale and Confidence

People like working with other team members who meet deadlines and turn in quality work because then it lessens the fear of having to pick up the slack. People who show the ability to manage their time effectively are recognized and more respected by their peers.

9. More Time Allows You To Focus on Weaker Areas

Perfecting your time management skills also allows you to have a sharper focus on problem areas, giving you that extra time to find solutions and fix them. Since you have now shifted that wasted time to fixing a problem, your business has just saved in operating costs.

10. Benefits of Time Management= Increase in Overall Productivity

Recapping the previous nine points, you’ll be amazed at how just some small tweaks in how your team is organized and managing tasks can lead to big rewards in overall employee happiness and productivity. Working on your time management skills can help you manage interruptions better and inadvertently help you understand how much you can handle.

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