Certified Global Business Professional Development (CGBP) Training 


Increase Your Competency of International Trade

It is estimated that 75% of the world's customers exist beyond the borders of the United States. Many Americans seek to expand their businesses (or their careers) overseas but don't know where to begin. 

Prepare yourself to engage in global trade business at the level required in today’s competitive environment and acquire the knowledge needed to take the Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) exam. The CGBP credential may position you at a competitive advantage in the workforce or strategic advantage for your business.

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Learn how to practice global business at the level required in today’s competitive environment and acquire the knowledge needed to take the Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) exam

In the course you will explore the following topics:

Global Management.
Develop your ability to assist with strategic and operational planning, development, implementation and assessment of international aspects of business.

Global Marketing.
Learn to manage, implement, coordinate and assist with the planning, sales, research and support functions to assess customer needs.

Global Supply Chain.
Evaluate all supply chain options which result in the best overall solutions to support the international business plan while complying with all rules, regulations and security issues – from sourcing to final distribution.   

Global Trade Finance.
Understand financial risks and methods, select and implement most favorable methods of payment to support global activities and ensure that all related costs are included at the time of quotation. You’ll also learn to evaluate the quantity and source of finance necessary to implement global activities. 

JimFoleyPic9x9cm lower resolutionAbout Jim Foley.
Foley is the former President of the North American Small Business International Trade Educators (NASBITE) and currently serves as Director of the Turner Center for Entrepreneurship and the Illinois SBDC International Trade Center at Bradley University. He is also Director of International Programs for the Foster College of Business. The CGBP designation is accredited by both NASBITE and the US Department of Commerce.

Author of “The Global Entrepreneur: Taking Your Business International,” Jim Foley's experience spans 35 years of marketing, sales, corporate management and small business consulting. 

If you want to take your personal brand, skillset or current business to an international market don’t miss this course!

Global Trade Center.
The Global Trade Center in Portland features experienced import/export professionals with decades of experience who can help guide small businesses down the path of least resistance. Their network includes experts representing each step of the global trade process including financiers, freight-forwarders, customs experts - and more. 

Global Trade Center programs, including Global Trade Management and this Certified Global Business Professional exam prep feature instructors with decades of experience and sometimes include guest instructors - like award-winning and acclaimed international business expert Jim Foley.

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