Instructors with Decades of Experience Help Students to Prepare for License Certification

PCC's Professional Development and Training Program offers license preparation for real estate brokerage and property management. Portland Community College is approved by the state of Oregon's Real Estate Agency (OREA) to provide Real Estate Broker pre-license and Property Manager pre-license courses. Our instructors have decades of experience working in Portland. 

Property Management Instructors:


Jerry Lasselle is an instructor for PCC’s real estate broker course and has taught the course for ten years. He’s worked as an accountant for a large national CPA firm and also as a staff attorney for large Northwest law firm. He has a B.S degree from Claremont College in Accounting, a MBA degree from University of Portland, and a Law Degree from Lewis and Clark Law School. In 1982 he became a full time Business Administration instructor at PCC and retired full time in 2014. Since then he’s worked as a Real Estate instructor at PCC. He’s lived in Portland all his life and says he’s amazed at the many changes the city has experienced. Click here to learn more about his experience in Portland and approach to teaching the course. 


Gary Calvert has been involved in the Real Estate industry for over 35 years with experience in sale, purchase and management of real property, and has held several management positions with various real estate firms. He obtained his first Oregon real estate license in 1985 and currently works for Washington County, Oregon as the Real Estate Asset Manager. He began working at PCC in 1991 and has taught Introduction to Real Estate, Property Management, Real Estate Finance, Agency and Contracts. A true Oregonian, he is very active with his family and enjoys the outdoors and the beach and is an avid hiker who tends to focus on trails within the Columbia River Gorge, Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Hood. No need to address him as "Professor" or "Sir" - he prefers his first name (as it makes him feel younger). Click here to learn more about his experience in Portland and approach to teaching the course. 

Real Estate Broker Instructor:


Dave Amato has been active in the Real Estate industry for 45+ years and an active Real Estate Broker since 2003. During his 23-year career as a builder/developer his projects added over 200 units of housing to Portland metro market. He has served on the board of directors for the Portland Metropolitan Home builders and currently serves on the Board of the Oregon Association of Realtors. He is also a certified housing inspector for FEMA.  Dave has taught several Real Estate classes at PCC over the past 10+ years, presently Property Management. A born and bred Oregonian, he enjoys the outdoors, has done 11 Cycle Oregon week long rides, likes to play golf and spends time with his family. Click here to learn more about his experience in Portland and approach to teaching the course. 

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