This course is offered annually, and will next be offered starting in June, 2023.

Being pregnant, giving birth, and nursing can be depleting to a woman's nutrition stores making quality health and mothering a challenge. As nutritionists, we have the unique opportunity to provide counseling and support to women in all stages of childbearing and the early years of mothering.

This course covers:

  • The five stages of childbearing and the mother’s nutritional needs in each.
  • Applying the principle of building during the childbearing years.
  • The specific nutrient needs for each stage.
  • The common problems in each stage and nutritional solutions for each.


What to Expect

Week 1: Preconception: Cleanse and detox, then build

  • Supporting healthy menstruation
  • Cleansing and detoxification prior to conception
  • Nourishing fertility
  • Building nutrient stores
  • Common problems and natural solutions/supports

 Week 2: Pregnancy: Way more than folic acid

  • Important nutrients for pregnancy
  • Nourishing herbs and what to avoid
  • Nutrition support for common pregnancy health concerns (leg cramps, morning sickness, stretch marks, etc.)
  • Traditional whole foods
  • Special considerations for vegetarian mothers

 Week 3: Labor and Delivery: Culture that baby even with a C-section

  • Nutritional preparation for birth
  • First foods post-partum
  • Cultured at birth
  • Special considerations for C-section births
  • Nutrition solutions to constipation, digestion, clogged ducts, etc.

 Week 4: Post-Partum: Can nutrition mitigate post-partum depression?

  • Replenishing lost nutrients
  • Preventing post-partum issues with specific nutrients, herbs, and superfoods
  • Facilitating breast feeding with herbs and supplements
  • Supporting infant health when breast feeding is not possible

 Week 5: Replenishing: Build up mom to build up baby

  • Nutrients for better breast milk
  • Nutrients for better sleep
  • Make your own nutrient dense formula
  • Options for colic, rashes, gas, etc.

 Week 6: Putting It All Together

  • Basic nutrient dense foods across the lifespan
  • Supporting women within medical systems


Get CEUs!

  • This course is worth 12 NANP (National Association of Nutrition Professionals) Category I CEUs.
  • 12.0 CEUs for NDs to be applied for through OBNM


Meet the Instructor

Jodi Lee, NNCP, CGP, RHN

jodi-lee-nutrition-by-tree-269x300.jpgJodi Lee, a registered holistic nutritionist and certified gluten practitioner, specializes in digestive health, gluten-related disorders, and the well-being of women during the childbearing years. She experienced firsthand the power of good nutrition to heal her own health problems and restore body and mind to full vitality and joy. Jodi obtained her Bachelor of Human Ecology in 1994, Master of Science in Human Ecology in 1999, and has been a Professional Home Economist ever since. Discontented with mainstream nutrition and its results, she obtained her Registered Holistic Nutritionist certification from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2013. (Photo credit:


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