Have you been a successful entrepreneur for 5 or more years?

Are you driven to excel, think big, and improve your bottom line?

Do you want to take your business to the million dollar level, and beyond?

Get the boost you need to earn $1 million or more in revenue with our Advanced Small Business Management program.

Gather your tools, add to your network, and draft a plan that will pave the way to your dream.

  • Access a network of successful CEOs who, like you, want to continue growing their businesses. Share experiences and challenges to build powerful partnerships and connections.

  • Plan strategically for the future of your business with some “big picture” brainstorming. We’ll help you take a critical look at your business and envision next steps, which might include re-financing, reorganizing, or developing new markets, products or pricing.

  • Focus on advanced strategies for businesses 5+ years old, enhancing what you already know. We’ll teach you about lean strategies, managing a sales and marketing team, international expansion, and planning an exit strategy.

  • One-on-one expert advising on business strategy and leadership, with 10 confidential monthly meetings that focus on growth strategies, overcoming current challenges, and gaining perspective on your business.

What to Expect

Advanced Small Business Management is designed to help you grow faster and scale to a $1 million+ company. This course gives you 30 hours of in-class education, in 10 monthly, 3-hour sessions. Plus, you’ll get up to 2 hours of confidential, one-on-one advising per month.

Included in the Program

  • Session 1:  Strategic Planning and Leadership
  • Session 2:  Your Business Model (Your Cash Machine)
  • Session 3: The Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS)
  • Session 4: Deep Dive Financial Management and Analysis
  • Session 5: Fundamentals of Cash Flow and Financing
  • Session 6: Maximize Your E-Marketing
  • Session 7:  Strategic Customer Development
  • Session 8:  Business and Employment Processes the Drive Results
  • Session 9:  Maximizing Human Capital
  • Session 10:  Harvesting Your Business