Using Zoom technology, PCC SBDC will host a new series of web-based professional networking opportunities for small business owners struggling to adapt to these uncertain times. Led by our expert instructors and advisors, these no-cost remote meetings will offer a facilitated gathering place to come together in community to share resources and ideas as we turn our focus toward small business recovery, resilience, and innovating through adverse times, together.

This is a challenging time for brick and mortar retailers. It’s difficult to know how to continue to operate, or if to continue to operate, without the normal flow of physical customers. Now is a good opportunity to use creativity, drive, innovation, and alternative resources to support your business during these times of adversity. What other sales channels are available and which are other retailers finding success with? Is now the time to launch or invest in e-commerce? What are the advantages/disadvantages of the various platforms? And how difficult is it to do on your own? Join us for the PCC SBDC Retail Virtual Meetup to learn and share with others as we weather and adapt to the storm together. 

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