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Are you detail-oriented, committed to accuracy and thoroughness? Are you motivated to excel in customer satisfaction, no matter how ill or anxious your patient may be? You may love an exciting and fulfilling role as a patient access specialist with training offered by PCC's Institute for Health Professionals

The Job

As a Patient Access Specialist, you will:

  • Maintain patient safety by using proper patient identification practices
  • Keeping the hospital compliant with many regulatory agencies
  • Deliver outstanding customer service
  • Ensure proper medical billing and insurance claim submissions

Begin your career as a Patient Access Specialist, where you will have immense potential for career advancement. The Oregon State Labor Market reports that in 2014, Patient Access Specialists were paid between $12 - $25 per hour, with an average wage of $16 an hour.

What to Expect 

This is one of the most important and concentrated positions in healthcare, encompassing many different roles and responsibilities within a hospital setting.

Enroll in the Patient Access Specialist program to gain the skills and know-how to pass the Certified Healthcare Admissions Associate (CHAA) exam. 

The Institute for Health Professionals’ Patient Access Specialist program consists of 3 online, instructor-facilitated courses that will prepare you to pass the Certified Healthcare Admissions Associate (CHAA) exam. You can complete the program in 2–3 terms. Students must take Patient Access I and Patient Access Specialist II in sequence.

  • Medical Terminology Online
  • Patient Access Specialist I
  • Patient Access Specialist II

You will gain a basic understanding of:

  • Accurate patient identification practices
  • Standards for patient safety
  • Customer service skills
  • Regulations for accountable care and patient satisfaction
  • Health insurance information
  • Health care reform
  • Medical billing and claim submission processes

After completion of the program, you will be able to:

  • Recognize and understand medical terminology in order to comprehend and analyze medical reports for coding and billing
  • Accurately record patient demographics, insurance and billing information
  • Understand Revenue Cycle flow from the front, middle and back end functions, as well as various requirements of major insurance carriers
  • Provide excellent customer service, with an understanding of age-appropriate communication, how to address disputes, cope with challenging individuals, and deal with difficult situations
  • Understand health insurance rules and regulations, and how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act affects service standards

Who is the Patient Access Specialist program for?

If you are new to the healthcare industry, seeking an entry-level, front-line registration position within a hospital setting, this program may be for you.

The Investment

2–3 terms and 3 online courses, 20 weeks
Tuition: $1,647 total, excluding books
Medical Terminology Online – $249, excluding book
Patient Access I & II: $1,398, excluding books

Required Materials

  • Access to PCC Online Learning Course
  • Computer headset or applicable audio
  • Required Book:
    Health Insurance Today: A Practical Approach, 6th edition
    Author: Janet. I. Beik
    ISBN-13: 978-0323400749
    ISBN-10: 0323400744
  • Please be advised that this book is not made available for purchased at PCC Bookstore. Students are encouraged to shop for best pricing a bookstore of their choice.

More information:

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