Learn how to establish and maintain an inclusive work environment through an Equity Lens.

Are you currently employed or intend to pursue a career in equity and inclusion leadership and administration?

VOICES (Visioning Organizations: Inclusive Communities & Equitable Spaces) trains professionals to design, evaluate, adapt and administer equity and inclusion plans that reflect an organization’s goals, national policies and regulations, and advances in diversity and inclusion best practices.  The program will develop your proficiency and influence in helping an organization to create and to foster culturally agile attitudes and an inclusive and equitable culture among employees.


VOICES is the most current and comprehensive program available today.

  • Integrates an Equity Lens framework throughout the program to help you to better understand and create equitable and inclusive responses to aspect of human variation, cultural diversity, and multiculturalism. This tool has proven to create sustainable organizational practices, relationships that are more positive, an improved capacity for innovation.   
  • Incorporates the required and preferred knowledge, skills, and qualifications expected by employers from various industries.
  • Interdisciplinary curriculum represents current theories and research and is developed from a variety of industry-experienced, award winning, and nationally recognized instructors representing anthropology, communications, public health, psychology, business, education, history, political science, and sociology.
  • Taught by subject area experts who have extensive experience in designing, facilitating, and consulting on equity and inclusion for many industries (education, public health, government, private sector, law enforcement, non-profit).
  • Delivered solely on-line for the most convenience and flexibility. Live online classes will be held on Tuesdays, 6-8pm PST.

What is covered in VOICES?

The 9 month program is broken into 3, 8 week terms for a total of 96 hours:

  • Term 1: Understanding Difference
  • Term 2: Identities of Difference
  • Term 3: Bridging Differences

For a detailed breakdown of each module, complete the form on this page to receive a program outline.

Upon successful completion of the VOICES program, you will:

  • Acquire a comprehensive understanding of current and developing trends in diversity, equity, and inclusion;
  • Be able to recognize the institutions, norms, and principles that influence the creation and maintenance of identity, and those to which various groups subscribe, and how they can be challenged by or agree with an organization’s structure;
  • Understand how a person’s background influences their views about, analysis of, and participation in culture, how it works to develop empowerment and agency, and why this is consequential to an organization’s success;
  • Understand how difference is currently constructed in culture, and how to incorporate a conceptual framework that targets the similarities among categories of difference to improve employee relationships throughout an organization;
  • Be able to build and to nurture self-awareness as it relates to constructions of difference;
  • Learn how to increase empathy for human groups who seek acknowledgment, respect, and inclusion by using tools designed to unify dissimilar social identities, experiences, and activities that exist within an organization;
  • Be able to develop best practices and policies that reflect an appreciation for difference that are informed by historically ground decisions; and,
  • Develop the proficiency needed to pragmatically lead, administrate, communicate, expand agreement and participation, and train people within a diversity framework.

Who should enroll?

Professionals (HR, healthcare, others) interested in equity and inclusion, and/or needing to lead, train others, develop and implement policies, etc. in equity and inclusion within their organization.

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