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Tips to Run A Restaurant More Efficiently, from Restaurant Business Builders

Posted by PCC Small Business Development Center on March 20, 2019

Restaurant Business Builders is our once-per-year course created specifically for current or aspiring restauranteurs. It doesn't matter if you have a brick and mortar location, or a food truck, or are currently in the planning stage. The fundamental restaurant-centric business practices applied in this program, and curated with the support of Portland foodie experts, will help restauranteurs improve business practices, identify efficiencies and avoid trial and error - while developing support from a network of mentors and peers. Restaurant Business Builders is accepting participants for the next program, beginning in April. To commemorate, we're assembling content from several blogs that our experts have produced over the years:

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Business Profile: Deepak Saxena and His DesiPDX Food Cart

Posted by PCC Small Business Development Center on February 27, 2019


DesiPDX is a food cart located in Portland’s Mississippi district serving food inspired by Indian spices and flavors that are blended with cooking styles from the West and other parts of the world. OR as Deepak calls it "Local Fare with Indian Flair!" 

Deepak participated in the PCC Small Business Development Center Restaurant Business Builders program. This is his story...

What inspired you to start your business? I’ve had a passion for cooking for about 20 years and was interested in turning that into a business when I started getting bored [with] my previous career in the tech industry. 

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Advisor Spotlight: Leslie Hildula

Posted by PCC Small Business Development Center on August 02, 2018


Small business ownership runs in Leslie Hildula's family. Her parents and grandparents were entrepreneurs, so she's been around small business owners all of her life. These days she is busy running the Restaurant and Retail programs for the PCC Small Business Development Center. (Click on the links below to review upcoming course dates and locations.)

Here is her story. . . 
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Top 13 Blogs and Resources for Restaurant Owners

No matter how successful you are, owning and operating a successful restaurant is an ongoing challenge to maintain - and build upon - your accomplishments. Whether it’s keeping up to date on the latest in restaurant news, or finding tips and tricks on how to improve service and food quality, it’s important to continually tap into resources that can help improve your business.

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4 Steps to Run Your Restaurant More Efficiently

Running a restaurant is a difficult endeavor, and it requires effective restaurant management to help your restaurant thrive. Diners expect quick and excellent service from staff that strive to ensure they have a pleasurable meal; the best way to provide that is through an efficiently-managed restaurant. This requires a myriad of things to run properly and smoothly, including your management, wait and cook staff, and even the layout of your restaurant can have an impact. Without each of these things operating cohesively, your restaurant as a whole could suffer. We’ve put together four steps to strengthen each of these areas and improve performance.

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10 Common Mistakes with Restaurant Start Ups That You Shouldn’t Make

Posted by Leslie Hildula on March 30, 2017

Starting a restaurant has many working parts all moving simultaneously, and if left unattended, could cause speed bumps in your start up process and success. Choosing the correct location (and getting the proper permitting), managing food and beverage inventory, and handling the employees, are just a few of the moving parts.

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Meet Your Instructor: Interior Design/Space Planning Expert

Posted by PCC Small Business Development Center on March 28, 2017

Sam F. Taylor, IV, A.S.I.D. is a guest instructor in Restaurant Business Builders in the session "Designing Your Restaurant and Kitchen," in which he will be sharing his expertise of over 35 years in designing and planning spaces in the hospitality industry. 

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