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[Podcast] Biz503: Encore Entrepreneurs

Posted by CLIMB Center on April 01, 2016

The PCC CLIMB Center is a proud sponsor of Portland Radio Project's Biz503 show - the new Portland-centric startup and small business talk show on PRP.fm. 


Retirement is outdated.

Or at least that’s the attitude of the growing number of folks 50-plus who are launching startups, turning their hobbies into businesses and or staying involved in the workforce. These people are ditching the word “retirement” in exchange for “life 2.0” – a way forward that keeps them busy. According to USA Today, almost 80% of boomers expect to work in some capacity, even after they retire.

And it’s not all about keeping the savings account padded either. A whole generation of aging workers are choosing to stay active professionally in order to maintain a sense of industry and purpose. For some, it’s about finally following passion projects they put aside for more practical careers.

That’s not to say an encore career is easy to launch. There are a slew of challenges, including a rapidly changing technology landscape, age bias, and the financial push it takes to launch a startup. But encores are using their years of learning to to bring wisdom, experience and work values to the business world. And there’s a space in the market for folks with perspective, patience and and enthusiasm who want to keep creating, making and working.

Tune in to PRP this Friday, April 1  between 1-2 p.m. for our Biz503 episode on the topic of Encore Entrepreneurs. Co-hosts Mark Grimes of NedSpace and Mike Rogoway of The Oregonian/Oregon Live will lead a discussion on how folks who want to launch encore careers can get started. We’ll be talking to 50-plus entrepreneurs, hear advice from industry experts, and learn what resources exist in Portland.

Our panelists this week include:


Originally posted on Biz503.

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