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Four Video Testimonials of the power that Neuroscience and Mindfulness have in the Workplace

Posted by PCC Institute for Health Professionals on July 05, 2019

IHP's Interpersonal Neurobiology 6-month certificate program is the only such online program open to anyone in any field - other programs cater to therapists or students becoming therapists. Discover the scientific framework and multi-disciplinary tools to develop a healthy mind, an integrated brain, and compassionate, connected relationships. The following four videos offer testimonials from professionals whose practice has been dramatically improved from the practices of mindfulness and neurobiology.

Practicing Neurobiology (IPNB) and Mindfulness in the Classroom

Anna Shepherd teaches mindfulness to 1st graders. Sounds a little unusual, right?

Anna is a graduate of the Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) studies program at PSU, which we inherited and turned into a first-of-its-kind 6-month certificate program open to anyone in any field! Through the program, Anna explored how experiences and relationships affect the brain - and how teaching mindfulness to her first grade students benefits their education, personal growth and experience in the classroom. Learn the impact of her Interpersonal Neurobiology and Mindfulness training,

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 11.00.27 AM


How Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) and Mindfulness Inform Best Practices for Health Professionals

Mari Alexander is a psychotherapist, LMFT, Physcian's Assistant in Primary Care, and intercultural trainer. She uses IPNB in every day in her practice and personal life. 

She says the study of IPNB rebuked many of the things she learned in medical school, including the antiquated idea that brain is fully formed at 25. She says the study of IPNB represents the coming together of ideas she's studied for years - ideas of presence, empathy and resonance - and learning how neuroplasticity allows for improved behaviors and buffers against triggers.

PCC IHP's IPNB 6-month program is the only one offered in the Portland-metro region. Learn more about Mari Alexander's professional and personal revelations that came from studying Interpersonal Neurobiology and Mindfulness: 

IPNB Mari Alexander


How Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) and Mindfulness Inform Massage Therapy and Somatic Experiencing

T.J. Ford says practicing Interpersonal Neurobiology has positively affected every aspect of her life. And she doesn't massage those words lightly! She says IPNB is great for bodyworkers (massage therapists, chiropractors, nurses, etc.) because the science melds the understanding of the relationship between mind and body - connecting the two, and offering a deeper understanding of what is affecting her client's physical health. 

PCC IHP's six-month certificate program is the first live-taught program in the world open to anyone in any field! Learn more about T.J.'s professional and personal revelations that came from studying Interpersonal Neurobiology and Mindfulness: 

Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 11.57.45 AM


How Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) and Mindfulness Inform Justice Studies

Maureen Lowell had a private Marriage and Family Therapy practice from 1997 - 2014 and now teaches Justice Studies, including family violence and community violence, at San Jose State. She credits IPNB with enabling a transitional shift to her approach to her coursework and practice. 

Interpersonal Neurobiology is the study between the mind and relationships - informed by brain science - and informs relationships between people. She says the study of IPNB 
transformed her - changing the way she worked with clients - and helped them to understand how their brain and body systems and personal traumas inform their experience in relationships. 

Learn more about Maureen's personal transformation that came from studying Interpersonal Neurobiology and mindfulness, and learn more about the only live-taught program in the world that's open to anyone in any field: 

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